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Dee Jay Lexx was born in Toronto and developed a love of music at an early age. Lexx was just 11 years old when his interest for music started recording songs off the radio with his tapes deck glued to the radio stations waiting for the hottest song to be played to press record. Lexx was 16 and got a summer job and made enough money to buy his first turntables. Lexx was 20 when he made his official demo vol.1 cd. Since 1999, Dee Jay Lexx has wowed us with his flawless  skills for music, innovative production and musical versatility.

From the year 1999 - 2015 Dee Jay Lexx has successfully over the years has made over 50+ Promotional cd's around the world till this day they still talk about one of his cd's they own and still play it till this day.

Most recently, Dee Jay Lexx has been busy traveling the globe. With each set, he takes fan on a musical journey. Lexx satisfies his passion for sharing good music with tours, regular tours of Canada, USA, and the Caribbean. Though Dee Jay Lexx is busy playing good music all over North America, he hasn’t stopped making promotional cds.

 Dee Jay Lexx collaborates with the clients to deliver outstanding results and with his approach from the client's view, he is able to develop a strategy that meets or exceeds all expectations.

Unlike many other DJ services, Dee Jay Lexx can provide you with a  perfect music to fit your event. We have played everywhere, from crazy clubs to chilled out cruise ships, patios, private parties and weddings, and everything in between. While most DJ's stick to one style of music, Dee Jay Lexx works closely with their clients to ensure that their musical preferences are met.

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